How To Choose Best Wi-Fi RGBIC LED Strips 50ft with Smart App Control

How To Choose Best Wi-Fi RGBIC LED Strips 50ft with Smart App Control

Among all the LED strip lights with different lengths, the 50ft type are the most sold type.

Why? Because the majortity of comsumers choose to buy 50 ft led lights for indoor using purpose: namely, decorating their rooms.

rgbic led strip 50ft

The 50 ft led strip lights are long enough to cover most of the ceilings of rooms unless you live in a big house or villa. If that’s the case, you still have the option to extending the length of your stirp lights by connecting 2 rolls of 50 ft led lights together to make it 100ft, long enough to cover your bedroom or living room. Remember to do a measurement of the perimeter length of your room before making a buying decision.

What Are Taken To Consider To Be A Perfect 50 ft LED Strip Lights For Bedroom?

That all depends on your personal preference or choices of what the LED strip lights will be ideal for your room. Only a 50ft led strip lights meeting your needs and satisfaction is a truly perfect 50 ft led strip lights, isn’t it?

What You Should Consider Before Buying:

  1. Choosing between the RGBIC or RGB type.
  2. Waterproof or non-waterproof type
  3. 12v or 24v strip lights
  4. Smart App control or remote control type
  5. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth control
  6. Double-sided tape or built-in sticky strip

If you haven’t decided yet on a certain type/specific model to buy or barely understand the points listed above, here comes my explanations that may help.

  1. RGBIC or RGB Strip Lights?

The below picture tells the difference between RGBIC and RGB strip lights:

You can learn more about the detailed difference by heading to this blog: Is RGBIC Better Than RGB?

  1. Waterproof or Non-waterproof ?

Obviously, it’s not necessary to buy waterproof strip lights unless applying them to humid places. Strip lights are classified into 3-4 types according to their different level of IP numbers. The IP20 type is coated with a layer of rubber to resist dustfall and waterdrops, it withstands moderate level of humidty. The IP65 type can survive higher humidity, other of strip lights with its IP number exceeding 65 are mostly for applying outdoors.

So, I assume a IP20 one will be your choice, can't it?

  1. 12v or 24v?

The 24v strip lights are brighter than the 12v ones, but it consumes more power that will result in slight increase of your monthly bill. Anyway, strip lights are designed to creating accent and ambiance, not for lighting or illuminating purpose. Otherwise, you wouldn’t see any LED lamps hung on the poles on the streets.

  1. App or Remote Control?

Personally, I’d advise buying the smart App controllable strip lights so that you can customize the colors, scene modes, brightness and much more of your strip lights. A remote control can only do much less than that. In addition, nearly all App controllable strip lights are also remote controllable, but not vice vesa.

  1. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Control

It’s not a big difference here as you suppose. As it speaks, a Wi-Fi strip lights are connectable via Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth one is connectable to smartphone or other devices via Bluetooth.

Double-Sided Tape or Built-in Sticky Strips ?

A very small portion of strip lights in the market are still double-sided tape designed for which you need to stick yourself, first to the strip and then to the wall, coving, or ceiling. Doubtlessly, it can be a tedious process.

So, pick the better built-in sticky strips. Prior to installing, wipe the dust off the route where you’ll stick the strip onto and remember to peel around 3-5 inches of tape at one time to make the handling easier. 

With all that taken into consideration, the Stripoo RGBIC 50ft led light priced at $40.00 is a strong competitor in the market for your choice.

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