Is RGBIC Better Than RGB?

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If you are just now searching an answer online to the question ”Is RGBIC better than RGB strip lgihts?”, most likely, you understand what RGBIC and RGB stands for respectively. Or if you came across this page by chance or in no mean, then you might as well learn something about LED strip lights, why?

It won’t be bad for you by any mean to learn something relavant to home decor that may come into need sometime to decorate your house in multi colors or various of fantasy colors to brighten your day and night.

Let’s better start with the RGB, which stands for the colors of RED + Green + Blue, as you probably know. RGB LED strip lights are of light source originated from these 3 primary colors of RED , Green and Blue combined. The magical combination of these 3 primary colors can also produce white light effect that is termed: “RGBW or GRBWW LED strip lights with its brightness usually under 5000K. In other words, not to a high level of brightness.

RGBIC strip light is inplanted with a built-in IC (Integrated Circuit) chip. Like a rainbow hung in the sky, they can simultaneously display multiple colors on a single line of lighting strip. However, it cannot be cut to relink for extensive lengthy use like RGB LED strip lights can.

What's the Difference Between RGB and RGBIC LED Strip Lights?

They have much in common but also a few difference in the meantime for their functionalities as well as where to be set up to use, but mostly, it’s the major difference of their color displaying effect except for their prices, voltages, length. etc.

In commom: RGB and RGBIC LED Strip Lights can both be used for indoor and outdoor decorations with or without waterproof coatings. They also share the same feature of being largely controllable with smartphone App, remote control, and voice control. Most of them both work with Alexa and Google assistant. A tiny box controller as tiny as car key is included in the box for the convenient shortcut control.

If you want to buy LED strip lights with only a few color changing effect, both are perfectly suitable.

However, if you want to display various colors throughout a long piece of strip light, then only the RGBIC lights strip does the job perfectly and which are of dominant popularity in use for recreational clubs, business avenues, shopping malls, parks, and hotels. etc.

Here’s some of the main differences between them:

RGBIC vs RGB LED Strip Lights

RGBIC Strip Lights

  • Multiple IC chip control
  • Can display multiple colors at one time
  • Used to create more lighting effects
  • Cannot be cutto relink
  • Ultra bright

RGB Strip Lights

  • No (IC) independent chip control
  • Displays one single RGB or white color at a time
  • Can be cut to relink
  • General standard brightness

Where Are RGB and RGBIC LED Strip Lights Most Used For Respectively?

As they share much in common in terms of their functionalities, so do they when comes to applying for different occasions to use.

Both RGB and RGBIC LED Strip Lights are widely used for indoor and outdoor decorations, you must have been to beautiful bars, hotels, recreational clubs, shopping malls which are colored up in LED strip lights, so are living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, cabinet, gaming rooms are used with the non-waterproof LED strip lights which usually are rated IP20.

In contrast, outdoor waterproof LED strip lights are usually rated IP65 and used for porch, garage,  bathrooms, yard decoratings and more. RGBIC LED Strip Lights are more popular for decorating as they boast the functions of color chasing, flashing effect, while RGB LED Strip Lights are more used with less color-effect pursuit by the buyers.

They both are controllable via remote control and control box that come with the package. Most amazingly, you can control them with smart App provided in the box, and additionally, most strip lights are available for bluetooth/Wi-Fi connection and are also Alexa and Google Assistant supportive for easy indoor voice control.

Another important thing to bear in mind is that the RGBIC strip lights are uncuttable as they are of an integrated engineering design of embed IC(independent circuit chip). Cutting them up will result in failure of illumination of the whole strip lights.

Needless to say further that RGB LED strip lights are cuttable and relinkable to extend further in length to light up the whole palce you need it to. Every piece of RGB strip lights are with copping markings on them indicating where you can cut them off.

Is RGBIC Better Than RGB?

The answer depends on what you plan to use the strip light for.

Like I said, RGBIC is way better for those of you looking for fancy color-effect and fun experiences with your lighting strip. Kids and teens tend to be more excited with RGBIC strip lights dancing in dreamy colors in front of their eyes over RBG strip lights of its inferior solo color effect.

RGBIC strip lights are less flexible for extended ultra-lengthy use since they are uncuttable while RGB strip lights boasts the great advantage for that. Cutting a piece of RGBIC lights strip will result in failure of its performance.

In conclusion: If you are a fan of rainbow colors, which is also called dreamcolor, RGBIC strip lights are your choices though they will cost you more. Otherwise, RGB strip lights do better than RGBIC strip lights, likewise, they are cheaper and more affordable that will save you some bucks!

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