Color Changing LED Strip Lights with Remote

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Why Color Changing LED Strip Lights With Remote Are Popular?

Color changing LED strip lights are also called RGBIC or dreamcolor LED strip lights, like their name suggests, is able to change its illuminating colors by remote control, smart App control and other methods. Color changing lights strip has come into wide use since the year 2015, they are rated from IP20 to IP78 waterproof grades allowing them to be mounted indoors and outdoors respectively. Additionally, Such low electricity consuming and long lifespan up to 50,000 hours are the color changing light strip, thus they have been the perfect choice to thousands of millions households worldwide. 

Color Changing RGBIC LED Strip Lights with Remote Control

Speaking the color illumination of strip lights, they’re divided into 2 types that are RGB strip lights and RGBIC strip lights. They both are color changeable. But RGB light strip can display only one single color at a time on the line of LED strip lights while RGBIC can display multiple colors simultaneously on one line. RGBIC strip lights are brighter and more colorful than RGB strip lights so they cost more.

Learn The Difference Between RGB vs RGBIC LED Strip Lights

Color changing LED strip lights with waterproof grade rated under IP65 are generally used for decorating indoor room ceilings, bedrooms, living room, bars, and other indoor spots where are of very low adjacency to high humidity or direct contact with water source.

In contrast, color changing light strip with waterproof level rated IP65 and higher are most likely outdoors applicable unless they’re setup next to water tap or sink in the kitchen.

Those memorable images of your beautiful house illuminated by the strip lights on festive holidays will never be gone, are they? So are your beautiful yards, I bet. On such important occasions like wedding day, Halloween or Christmas, color changing light strip works highly effective for creacting the ambiance and atomosphere in perfect match with festivity addition.

Indoor Installation Of Color Changing LED Strip Lights

Not any hefty work required when to instal indoor color changing strip lights. It’s because that you don’t need to take the harsh weather into consideration. In other words, you don’t need to armour the indoor color changing LED light strip to combat raindrops and rainfall and scorching sunheat. Strip lights are with strong or 3M adhesion applied at the back of it, simply follow the steps below in the picture to stick them to a spot you desire.

Outdoor Installation Of Color Changing LED Strip Lights

It’s inevitable to expose outdoor LED lights strip under raindrops, rainfall, and burning sunheat. Therefore, with the mere support of the strong adhesive attached to secure a 5m long outdoor strip lights is not strong enough, a set of clips come to play an important role for supporting the strip lights and prolong their lifespan. For the best waterproof results, outdoor led strip lights should be coated with an extra piece of PVC tube.

The following 3 color changing LED Strip lights with remote control are priced between $30-$60, hope they'll suit your budget perfectly.

Stripoo RGBIC color changing LED strip lights with remote control priced under $60.00 feature:

  • Ultra Bright + Dimmable
  • Color Changing + Waterproof
  • Easy Setup + Various Scene Modes
  • Wi-Fi + Smart APP + Remote Control
  • Music Mode + DIY Mode + Voice Control

Priced between $30-$45 color changing LED strip lights with remote to suit a variety of occasions.

Priced under $30 color changing LED strip lights with remote to suit your budgets.

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