Live colorfully


Stripoo was founded in 2021 with a vision to color up millions of home with RGBIC & RGB LED strip lights it currently sells, more cool LED lighting products will be available at our store in the future.

We do this by directly partnering up with LED lighting manufacturers based in Shenzhen, China in pursuit of better quality and service for our customers.

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Service Time: Mon-Fri, 09:00-18:00(GMT+08:00)

Address: 2nd Floor, Building E, Weiyecheng Industrial Park, Xinfeng Avenue, Xintian Community, Guanhu Street, Longhua District Shenzhen, 518129 Guangdong, China


The mission of Stripoo is to color up millions and more homes with our color changing and chasing effect smart LED strip lights.

We take it a pride and honor of your thrilling dancing parties, merry fesitive decorations, entertaining and excitement, joy of laughters brought by our colorful strip lights.

Enjoying more unique musical lighting experiences and dynamic dancing scenes with your family, friends, and even pets is our motivation and commitment.

Light Up Your Entire Home

Pick either RGB or RGBIC color changing LED strip lights with remote control to add that amazing colorful lighting effect to all your rooms to excite your kids and pets. Take it granted for a roomful of laughter and joy.

Unprecedented Musical Fun

Invite your friend over to your dreamcolor room for a lively music party to feel the amazing beats and dynamic effects of the dancing LED strip lights that synchronized with your favorite songs via smart App.

Party With Friends

On special occasions such as wedding day, graduation day, birthday party and so on, sitting around with a group of friends for relaxing and laughter is no longer a luxury to treasure.

Happier Healthier Kids

Children are inherently excited to color changing. 69% of children surveyed responding positively towards color changing in vividness. Every parents ought to raise their kids more happily and healthily.