2022 Dream Light Led Strip Lights

rgbic dreamcolor led strip

What Is The Distinc Charactheristics Of A Set Of Dream Light LED Strip Of Quality?

Dream light LED strip is identical to dreamcolor LED strip lights, they are more commomly known to people by another name that is called RGBIC LED lights that you migth be more familiar with. Over the past few years, dream light LED strip has played its best part in the LED lighting industry due to its amazing function of rainbow-like color changeabilities when powered on.

You can customize a line of RGBIC strip lights by adding particular colors to each segments of them to shine in different colors. Dreamcolor LED strip lights are brighter than RGB LED strip lights, thanks to the newer technology of the independent circuit chip implanted in them.

Speaking of the RGBIC, which is the acronym of Red + Green + Blue + Independent circuit Chip that enables a led tape light to dispaly segmented rainbow-like colors simultanously yet with its brightness to an absolute higher percentage over the older RGB LED strip lights.

You can also change the color of the dreamcolor strip lights into red, blue, purple, yellow, green, white, and a variety of other colors at a time. Dream light LED strip are dimmable so that they won’t consume a lot of electricity power to raise your monthly bill payment.

LED strip brightness is primarily determined by three factors:

  • Light output and efficiency per LED emitter
  • The number of LEDs soldered on the tape strip
  • The power draw of the LED strip per foot

A good quality LED strip should provide at least 400 lumens per foot (1350 lumens per meter), if it is not with a brightness specification in lumens then you should say “no” to it. You will also want to watch out for low cost LED strips that claim high brightness, as they may overdrive the LEDs to the point of premature failure.

LED Density & Power Draw

5050 LED strip lights is the key player in the market, for how bright they are compared to the older versions of strip lights. The density of LEDs measured in foot plays a decisive factor in determining the brightness of the light strip. The standard numbers of LEDS soldered on the tape per foot is 30pcs which provides decent brightness to highlight the desired effect.

LED emitters are the most expensive component of LED strip manufacturing, so be sure to account for LED density differences when comparing LED strip prices. Bear in mind to choose the strip lights within your budget out of the best brightness to suit your needs. The less bright RGBIC LED strip you choose to buy, the less you’ll need to pay for your monthly bill for electricity consumption.



A collection of color changeable 12v dreamcolor strip lights with remote and smart App control will be good to go for decorating your place unless you are ready with a higher budget to bet on the 24v strip lights that will cost you more.

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